Many times in our lives we look up and idolize athletes.

They are larger than life and, in some cases, become role models to us as they use the platform they have gained to make huge impacts on and off the playing field for many people.

We have seen it with Colin Kaepernick, Chris Long, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and it doesn’t stop there as there are many that use their platform for social change. Another person that you can add to that list is PK Subban of the Nashville Predators.

He is one of the best defencemen in hockey, but what he does off the ice is far more incredible than what he has done on it. On Monday he once again showed why he is a leader and is somebody to look up to.

A Reddit user named hockey7676 shared a video that Subban had sent to his 13-year old son who had been dealing with racial taunts.

The 43-second video appears to have been filmed at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, where the Predators played on Friday.

While a lot of information about the video, other than what was posted, is unclear, Subban’s message is very clear and inspiring, as well as heartwarming. Sports is important, and we all love it, but there are things like the message in the video that are a million times more important.

As one of the few black players in the NHL, Subban is no stranger to hearing racist language directed his way on the ice. While it is great to see Subban stepping in with some encouragement for a young fan, not just hockey fans should be listening to this and being better.

The 29-year old Toronto native often involves interactions with young fans, and in 2015 pledged a $10-million donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

There are fans that cannot stand him for some of his antics on the ice, and I get that, but this video is just another reminder that Subban is one of the nicest guys out there with yet another act of kindness to the already extensive list of good deeds he has done.