Recently we told you about Anderson McDuffie, a 10-year old Dallas Star fan who got to drop the puck at a game thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

During his wish the Stars organization went beyond what they were required to do and made it even more special, announcing that the hockey loving kid and his hockey team, the EKGs, would take to the ice and play a game against his heroes, the Dallas Stars.

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Anderson, who has been a hockey fans since he took hold of his first hockey stick, was born with a heart condition. But, through all his struggles, hockey kept him going.

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So, on Wednesday January 16 the game went down at the Stars practice facility in Frisco, and Anderson’s extra special Make-A-Wish was coming true.

Prior to the game, Anderson, his older brother and teammates all got a little taste of the NHL life, starting with his team’s bus getting a police escort to the Stars practice facility. The Stars even produced game notes on each of the players, probably the best ones ever produced in the game of hockey.

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For two 10-minute periods, the EKG’s skated with their heroes, celebrated goals while a standing room only crowd cheered on all the action. Oh, and what is a hockey game without a fight? Anderson even got into a dustup, dropping the mitts with John Klingberg.

The final score of the scrimmage was the EKG’s 6, the Dallas Stars 5. However, the biggest winner was Anderson who got the chance to live out his dream of being a hockey hero, something he has always dreamt about.

When it was all said and done, Roman Polak put Anderson on his shoulders and took him for a victory lap around the ice in a heartwarming moment which likely left many around the arena wondering who had started to chop the onions.

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This kind of stuff is the really good part of sports and just another reason in our huge list of why we love sports.