Hockey is a rough sport and fighting is a part of the game, but as of late we have seen less full on brawls.

That is until Saturday night during a U Sports (Canadian University) game between the Acadia Axemen and the St. FX X-Men.

The two teams are Atlantic University Sport rivals. You know like the old rivalries the Bruins and Habs had, or even the Leafs and Habs. During Saturday night’s tilt, both teams allowed their emotions to get the better of them that turned into a major brawl that spilled into the bench in the final period.

In what was likely a first-round playoff preview the Axemen were able to defeat the X-Men 6-3. However, no body is talking about the final score, they are talking about the brawl which resulted in both head coaches being ejected, 13 players in total hitting the showers early and 310 penalty minutes being assessed.

Earlier in the final frame, Anthony Difruscia of the X-Men had been handed a 10-minute misconduct that likely set the tone for what was to come. Then after the Axemen’s Liam Maaskant scored to give his side a 4-2 lead, there was some stick work at centre ice before the puck was dropped to restart play. That ignited the slugfest which spilled into the Acadia bench.

Here is the view of it from behind the bench, warning though as there is some NSFW language.

According to the U Sports regulations “A player receiving a fighting major received an ejection from the current game plus a one (1) game suspension.”

If you look at the game sheet, six players were handed fighting majors so there will be suspensions along with one of the players getting extra time for a spearing major as well. However, you can be sure that once the AUS and U Sports reviews the game even more suspensions could be levied.

Following a 20-minute delay the game resumed without any more incident, likely because there was hardly anybody left on either bench to play.