It’s Masters Week and we have already had our highlight of the tournament, even though it hasn’t officially started yet.

The Par 3 Contest is the unofficial kickoff of the tournament which took place on Wednesday ad golfing great Jack Nicklaus was moved to tears on the ninth hole.

At that hole Nicklaus had his 15-year old grandson, and caddy for the day, take the tee shot. That shot was better than some from those on the Tour as is rolled in for a hole in one.

In fact, that was Gary’s first ever hole in one and it was done on one of the biggest golf stages in the world. He didn’t just do it in front of his grandfather but a couple of other legendary golfers and millions of golf fans.

If that doesn’t give you goosebumps, nothing will. What a great moment for grandfather and grandson to share.

Hopefully when the tournament starts there will be many more magical moments at the Masters this weekend.