We haven’t seen Conor McGregor in a UFC octagon since 2016, but on Thursday he made his presence known at the UFC 223 media day event.

Reports indicate that McGregor and his team, approximately 20 people, showed up at the Barclays Center near the end of the media event and got into an altercation with fighters that were departing. Some of the fighters were able to capture video of the fracas on their phones.

McGregor is seen throwing chairs, garbage cans, barricades and other “weapons” at a van carrying several of the fighters. In doing so, McGregor busted out a window and injured lightweight Michael Chiesa who suffered lacerations to his head and face. Chiesa is scheduled to face Anthony Pettis on the main card Saturday.

On Wednesday, UFC president Dana White announced the McGregor would be stripped of his lightweight title as soon as the lightweight title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway begins on Saturday night at UFC 223.

Nurmagomedov and his camp are believed to be the target of McGregor's ire. Nurmagomedov appeared to be involved in an incident with McGregor's teammate, UFC featherweight Artem Lobov, this week.

The ruckus was eventually broken up by security and most of the fighters who attended the event have since departed the venue.

White has since told the media, and state on Twitter, that the NYPD had issued a warrant for McGregor’s arrest and Lobov had been yanked from his fight with Alex Caceres. As of this writing, it is not confirmed that there is an actual warrant out for his arrest.

McGregor was expected to return to the octagon this fall but now, not only will he be stripped of his title there is doubt if White will ever allow him to fight in the UFC again after this incident.

UPDATE: McGregor turned himself in late Thursday night at NYPD's 78th precinct where he is expected to be charged with assault.