In combat sports like MMA, tempers can flare up and take over a fighter.

With that in mind, most fighters do a good job of knowing their boundaries. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with these two fighters from the Brazilian promotion Imortal FC.

The two pugilists decided to continue fighting after the fight was ended, because, after all, they are fighters who fight.

Because they would not stop, both fighters were disqualified.

You have to give the official some kudos. He did a great job of getting himself between two fired-up fighters and ending the extracurriculars, with the exception of a very impressive head kick around the body of the ref. The fighters were flyweights Joao Elias and Walter Martins.

In the end, the fighters had to be held back for some minutes by numerous people jumping into the ring, one of whom was Imortal FC president Stefano Sartori. You can bet he wasn’t thrilled with it.

However, that may not have been the craziest thing to happen over the last week in MMA. We think that knocking yourself out while slamming your opponent could just stop the non-stop brawling.