When you win the first Stanley Cup for the nation’s capital you seem to get a little leeway when you make a mistake.

The Washington Capitals secured their franchise first Stanley Cup and Alex Ovechkin finally got to remove the long-attached monkey from his back which set off the partying in Las Vegas. The partying continued at Nationals Park in Washington on Saturday afternoon when the Washington Nationals hosted the San Francisco Giants where Ovie threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as the hockey superstar may have hoped. In fact, he air mailed it over Caps fan Max Scherzer so badly they gave him a second chance. Not only did he miss on his first attempt, but he also balked.

His second first pitch went much better and was a lot closer to the strike zone which isn’t a surprise since if you gave him a second chance on the ice he will bury it.

Now that the Capitals have done their job, the Nationals will look to bring another title to the District of Columbia.