I went to a basketball game and a wrestling match broke out.

A massive Royal Rumble broke out during a one-sided FIBA World Cup qualifying match between Australia and the Philippines on Monday.

We’ve seen things get chippy in basketball games before, but this brought back memories of the Malice at the Palace between the Indianapolis Pacers and Detroit Pistons but on a slightly smaller scale.

With a little more than four minutes left in the third quarter, and Australia leading by 31 points, Boomer’s Chris Goulding was shoved to the ground by Filipino guard Roger Pogoy. Goulding’s teammate Daniel Kickert then set off the brawl by retaliating with an elbow to Pogoy’s jaw.

Not only where the fists flying but so were knees, kicks, bottles and a couple of chairs. There were even a few clotheslines that John Bradshaw-Layfield would have been proud of.

While the Philippines team cleared their bench, Milwaukee Bucks guard Matthew Dellavedova held back his Aussie teammates on the bench.

A combined 13 players were ejected, leaving only three players on the Filipino side who played three on five before forfeiting, losing the contest 89-53. A few of the Filipino players even took time to pose for some selfies like there was something to celebrate.

We can wait until somebody edits this with a Jim Ross voice over.