Normally, a ball that goes about five feet after you hit it will result in an out.

Not last night in the majors when the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros played. On this night it resulted in a walk-off victory for the Astros.

Bottom of the 11th, runners on first and second, and one out, Alex Bregman took a swing at a bad pitch and made contact. The ball started off foul but rolled fair about five feet up the baseline. A’s catcher Jonathan Lucroy picked up the ball and as he tagged Bregman he lost the ball.

When Lucroy tried to get him at first, he hit Bregman in the helmet with the throw which ricocheted into right field. That ricochet allowed Kyle Tucker to score from second to end the game.

Lucroy’s throw was scored an error, which meant that Bregman did not receive credit for the hit or the RBI, so a fourth walk-off “hit” of the season does not belong to Bregman. But, the Astros’ sixth walk-off win of the season was a weird and wild mess.

It was such a weird play that I doubt anybody has ever seen it happen before.

Bregman seems to be known for the weird walk-offs. Earlier this season, on April 8 against the Padres, Bregman hit a high popup in the infield. San Diego first baseman Eric Hosmer appeared to have it under control, but he overran the ball which allowed the winning run to score.

I don’t think I have seen either of these two walk-offs happen in a Little League game.