Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life.

It’s the start of a new chapter with more responsibilities and new life experiences. Two families coming together to support each other.

Well, maybe not totally, especially when it involves intense sports rivalries.

Recently an Alabama Crimson tide fan married his sweetheart who is an LSU fan. As a sign of the two sides coming together, the bride allowed her groom to have an Alabama Crimson Tide themed groom’s cake.

But what he didn’t know what that he was being trolled by his bride.

Once he sliced into the cake, while exclaiming “We don’t screw up national championships baby!” he is surprised to see the LSU colours under the icing.

That sent the LSU fans at the wedding into an LSU chant, much to his chagrin.

Alabama and LSU both play in the SEC, so they meet quite often. Alabama has a 52-25-5 record against LSU in their all-time meetings. The Crimson Tide have won the past seven games it has played against LSU.

While it won’t show up in the standings this year, you have to consider this a loss by Alabama, their first to LSU in years.

What a great way to start a marriage. I just hope his wife doesn’t ask him to pick out the cake for her birthday or there might be some revenge to coming her way.