A great grandmother who is closing on her centennial birthday is striking down her bowling competition on the lanes.

97-year old Kathryn Robinson is not letting her age slow her down on the approach. That isn’t the only thing that she is not letter her slow her pace, as the Palm Beach Post says she is considered blind. Robinson has lost all her sight in one eye and most in the other.

When Tuesday morning rolls around, she is at the top of her game with her senior squad, the Teslas, at Verdes Tropicana Bowl.

Robinson started bowling six decades ago after the death of her first husband, as it helped her, and her children get over their loss. Currently, she is married to Lee Robinson, who is 92-years old. He seems to know his limits considering his response when asked if he can compete with her.

Last year she even shot a score of 203.

Lee can speak for all of us, Kathryn is better than you and I at bowling. I would agree since I can barely get 75 in 10-pin bowling. Now, I think I might have a chance if we played five-pin bowling.