Do you remember the umpire from earlier this week that a player replaced with a garbage can?

Well, that umpire, Mike Jarboe, doesn’t seem to be having a good week.

One day after the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks player planted the trash can behind home play and told the umpire to “go to your home,” he was involved in another ejection that prompted some prop usage.

However, this time it was the Chicago Dogs that were doing it. Their manager Butch Hobson did not like Jarboe’s call at the third base on Tuesday and decided to give the umpire two cents. Had it been in Canada, it would have been a nickel since there are no more pennies in use.

Hobson’s two cents were not appreciated by the umpire who sent the manager back to the clubhouse to get the hot water in the showers before the rest of the team. That is where the prop came in as Hobson took third base and handed it to a kid in the crowd.

The Dogs’ manager spent three seasons in the early 90s as the manager of the Red Sox. By watching the play, it seemed to be bang-bang. Either way it would have been called somebody would not have been happy, but Hobson should have known that heading out there and getting heated would get him tossed by Jarboe, especially after the previous night’s game.

It seems like if you go to a RedHawks game you never know what you will get to see during the game.

Any guesses what will happen next game?