What is old seems to be what is new, especially on television with a bunch of reboots coming our way.

That includes a show that has already had one reboot of one show that is looking to get another run. That show is American Gladiators which was a competition TV show that pitted amateur athletes against each other in contests of strength and agility.

It was a huge hit and aired weekly from September 1989 to May 1996. Then it was picked up in its initial reboot in 2008 for two seasons.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the revival of the American Gladiator series will be led by a Canadians. Actor, writer and director Seth Rogen and Canadian screenwriter, producer and director Evan Goldberg are the ones taking charge of it.

The pair has worked together on numerous projects like Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express and This Is The End, among others. Now they are working hard on making the American Gladiators revival their next big successful project.

Also, reportedly involved in the reboot is John Ferraro who was involved in the original production and will help to produce the upcoming reboot.

The original series was a blend of WWE wrestling and American Ninja Warriors that featured events like Breakthrough & Conquer (football and wrestling), Hang Tough (monkey bars with a gladiator after you), Joust, Tug-O-War, The Wall (rock climbing while being chased) and many others.

With reboots becoming the popular norm as of late, if the show can make it to television screens it could once again become a hit, and if it does, we have just for words to say about it.

Let The Games Begin!