Current day, Youppi is the Montreal Canadiens mascot but for a younger generation they would not know he was the Expos mascot who got ejected from an MLB game.

Yes, a mascot was ejected from a game by an MLB umpire. Youppi was the very first to do so.

As it goes, on this date (August 23) in 1989, the Montreal Expos hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers. The mascot would have a routine where he would jump on top of the visitors’ dugout, which would make a loud crashing noise below. Tommy Lasorda, who was the manager of the Dodgers at the time hated it and lodged a complaint with the umpires.

They game would go into extra innings and in the 11th, Youppi showed up in his sleeping attire and jumped up on top of the dugout. Lasorda then came out of the dugout and started yelling at the furry mascot and motioned to the umpires.

That is when he was ejected, but he later returned and stayed on top of the home team’s dugout roof. Needless to say, the home crowd was not too pleased with the ejection of their loveable mascot.

Montreal would eventually lose the game 1-0 in 22 innings.

So far, he has not drawn a penalty while working the Habs games.