Stop us if you have heard this one before, a horse walks into a bar.

No, it isn’t the start of a bad dad joke. A horse did walk into a bar. Well, more like running through it and bucking all the way.

A young racehorse in France managed to escape her handler last month and go on a little trot to the nearby water hole that also did betting for the racetrack.

The filly’s trainer Jean-Marie Beguignem said that he lost control of the animal as he led her from a stable to a racecourse in Chantilly, France. Apparently, the young horse loves to run off from its handler.

However, instead of an open field, this time she chose the nearest sports betting bar and shocked the patrons and staff inside it.

The escape occurred on September 24 with video of the incident surfacing recently. The video shows the spirited filly dashing in the bar with what appears to be a saddle slipping off her back. The video shows her running to the back of the bar, turning around and going back out the way she came in.

All the while bucking her legs, knocking over tables and chairs while customers fled the establishment.

The entire incident only lasted for a few seconds, so we are not sure if the horse was the for a quick pint, paying off a tab or just looked and the menu and didn’t like what they were serving. What we hope did not happen is that she tried to lay a bet on her next race. If she did, she might become the next Pete Rose.

Clearly it was not a dine a dash though since the waitress never took her order.