The power of sports is a wonderful thing and Nike seems to be at the forefront of it all.

Justin Gallegos, a junior at the University of Oregon, received a pro contract with Nike, becoming the company’s first athlete with cerebral palsy.

Cameras were on hand recently to capture his cross-country race, or so he and his teammates were told. They were actually there to capture the surprise announcement by Nike UX Insights director John Douglass.

The video release of announcement was made on Saturday October 6, which happened to be cerebral palsy awareness day.

Gallegos started cross-country running when he fell in love with it in grade nine. One of his coaches had gone to UO, so Gallegos became determined to study there and to compete with the running club.

While still in high school, he caught the attention of Nike and they brought him in to help the brand develop a show for runners with disabilities, the FlyEase, with a simmered heel to make it easier to get on and off.

During his first cross-country meet with UO Track Club in October 2016, one of his shoes came off 50m into the race, according to the student paper, Daily Emerald. Gallegos picked it up and carried it through the remainder of the 8k race. He would finish dead last, but he inspired a lot of people that day.

Gallegos has dreamed of breaking the two-hour barrier in the half marathon. Some people would call him crazy for even trying. Last April he almost pulled the impossible feat off. He competed in the Eugene Half Marathon, falling just three-minutes short of his goal of finishing under two-hours.

Nike will provide him with a prototype shoe designed for runners with disabilities and, no doubt, his contract will ease the financial burden of attending college out of state.

Congratulations Justin, continue to work hard and to inspire others.

Some heroes wear capes, but this hero will be wearing the Nike swoosh.