An umpire was mercifully booed an MiLB umpire for not allowing Finn to do his job.

Finn is the bat dog for the Las Vegas Aviators, formerly known as the 51s, who are the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

The good boy was just trying to do his job on Tuesday night, but home plate umpire Tom Woodring grabbed the bat first and chucked it towards the bench.

For some, they may have been dejected that their job was done for them, but not Finn who stayed committed to the task, chased after the bat and completed his task.

As Finn finished his job, the Aviators fans let Woodring hear about their discontent. He probably heard more later on depending on how he called the game in the fans’ view.

Clearly Finn is loved by the fans and is a good boy. He might even be more popular than the players.