The Miami Heat were thought to be on a shortlist of potential teams that 2017 MVP Russell Westbrook could have been headed to.

While they were unable to land him, Heat fans shouldn’t be looking for their team to be pursuing Chris Paul, who was part of the package the Oklahoma City Thunder got in the still unofficial deal with the Houston Rockets.

Obviously, the Heat will do their due diligence in any trade, but at this point here isn’t that much interest in trading for Paul unless the Thunder add to any potential deal which would help lessen the risk of his massive salary he is still to get.

Paul is owed $124.1 million over the next three seasons and carries a huge $44.2 million cap hit in his age-36 season.

OKC can easily add a sweetener to any deal thanks to their earlier trades that sent Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers and Westbrook to Texas. Because of those deals, the team now owns the NBA’s best stockpile of picks. Through 2026, the Thunder is in line to make 15 first-round draft picks, all dependent on the results of the various protected picks, as well as the swap rights.

Miami could be interested in doing a deal if they were able to get back its unprotected 2021 and lottery protected 2023 first round picks, which the Thunder own after trades dating back to 2015 where Goran Dragic was traded between the Heat and Phoenix Suns.

While the Heat might pass on CP3, they reportedly would consider a trade for injured point guard John Wall and his contract should the Washington Wizards also add guard Bradley Beal in the deal. However, it is unlikely that the Wizards would be willing to do such a deal.