A new rule is being tested out and if it is introduced into the rules of the game it would change baseball forever.

As we reported earlier this year, MLB is partnering with the independent Atlantic League this season to test out some experimental rules, including banning the shift, using radar to call balls and strikes, and moving the mound back.

Last week we already saw the introduction of “robot umpires” as the Atlantic League saw it debut at its All-Star Game. Not long after that, the league announced four new rules to the league which included the ability for batters to steal first base.

Yes, you read that correctly, a batter could steal first base.

This can occur when any pitch the catcher doesn’t catch, the batter can take off for first, no matter what the count is on him.

It is an expansion of the dropped third strike rule which allows batters to attempt to reach first when a third strike is called and dropped.

On Saturday, the new rule was given a chance as Tony Thomas, of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, became the first batter to steal first base from home.

Lancaster Barnstormers’ catcher saw the ball get by him for what would have been just a routine passed ball during the middle of the at-bat, but Thomas took off for first and reached base after taking a few seconds to realize that he could go.

While, if it is implemented, it would bring a new wrinkle to the game, it seems very stupid. The batter was not walked, he was not hit by a pitch and he didn’t make contact with the ball. So how could he really get on base?

There is no need to even look to bring this rule to Major League Baseball. If the Atlantic League wants to keep it as part of their rules, let them, but bringing it to the majors is an idiotic idea and whomever came up with this rule shouldn’t even be in baseball today or in the future. It is that bad of an idea.

I get it, the game needs some tinkering to make it a bit more interesting and fun for those in attendance but changing the fabric of the game is going way too far.

Some will say that this is the first time ever that first base has been stolen but Jean Segura has already stolen first base in a MLB game.

Had video replay been available on the play Segura would have been likely out as he was off the base when he was tagged a second time, but since he wasn’t called out, he did steal first.

The other three experiment rules that were implemented will see pitchers being required to step off the rubber in order to attempt a pick off, batters allowed to bunt one ball foul while they have two strikes on him before a strikeout is called and the check swing rule being more batter friendly.

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