We have seen many professional athletes show that they can crossover and play multiple sports.

For some, it becomes very easy to play two or even three sports professionally since some of those same skill can transfer from one sport to another.

However, for Giannis Antetokounmpo we might suggest that he sticks to basketball because the reigning NBA MVP has the most cringeworthy swing ever.

Antetokounmpo joined the New York Yankees on Monday to take his first ever swings in the ball club’s batting cages. His hacks, well they earned him a few laughs from the players and staff that were looking on.

I bet after watching those cuts, all those beer league players feel a lot better about their own swings.

The Milwaukee Bucks star admitted after taking his hacks in the cage, “I would be a terrible baseball player.” So, I guess that means he won’t be pulling a Michael Jordan by retiring and trying his hand at professional baseball, even in the minor leagues.

The 24-year old, known as the “Greek Freak” said he’d never even touched a baseball before he did on Monday and he was shocked. “It was really heavy,” Antetokounmpo told the Associated Press. “I thought it would be lighter.”

He watched the Yankees take batting practice before they took on the Tampa Bay Rays and was amazed while watching at what he saw.

"I saw Aaron Judge hitting the ball into the stands. That's amazing. You've got to be really strong to do that," he said.

Of course, we know one thing that Antetokounmpo is better at, and I am sure he will be okay with sticking with basketball. Heck, he even says he is only playing at 60 percent. Can you imagine what it will be like when he starts playing at 100 percent.

At least he wasn’t taking batting practice at the Rogers Centre in Toronto because then you know the rumours will start that he has bought a house near the Danforth and will be joining the Raptors or maybe the Blue Jays. They way some of the Jays are swinging at the plate, maybe Antetokounmpo could pinch hit.