FIBA has suspended former Ohio University guard DJ Cooper for two years back in 2018. The reason for his suspension will raise some eyebrows.

Cooper was trying to join the Bosnian national team as a naturalized player. When he did, he underwent a drug test that revealed that he was pregnant. The urine sample he provided showed the presence of a hormone that is produced by the placenta after impregnation.

According to RTM, the urine belonged to Cooper’s girlfriend. He was later suspended for two years for fraud. Cooper will be eligible to return June 20, 2020.

From 2009 to 2013, Cooper started 138 games for Ohio, averaging 14.5 points, 6.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds each game. He has played for multiple teams overseas after he was not drafted to the NBA. Most recently he suited up for Monaco of the Pro A league.

Umm, can I say he isn't a whizz kid for this plan?