Sam Darnold’s sideline reaction to the New England Patriots’ defense from Monday Night Football went viral.

However, there are some that were not happy that the clip made it to air.

The young New York Jets quarterback three four interceptions and lost a fumble in the lopsided game that finished 33-0. Darnold was mic’d up for the contest, and ESPN aired a clip where he admitted to ‘seeing ghosts.’

On Tuesday, head coach Adam Gase said that he and the organization were disappointed that the admission was used during the broadcast.

“It bothered me. It bothered the organization,” Gase said. He continued by saying, “This gives us pause to really cooperate anymore because I don’t really know how we can put our franchise quarterback out there like that.”

ESPN does not have control over what gets aired. NFL Films runs all the mic’d up players and then a representative signs off on what can be used. The rep at last night’s contest signed off on that clip but reports indicate that higher ups from NFL Films are not happy that the clip was cleared for air. The Jets were not given the chance to sign off on the comment being aired.

Darnold was supposed to be mic’d up for the Week 2 primetime game against the Browns but did not play in that game due to mono.

The sophomore QB explained the comment postgame, saying that he did not see the field well throughout the game.

For his part, Gase said that the Jets will have to seriously consider if it will allow any of their players to be mic’d up for future games.