Hockey Canada announced on Tuesday that they were making changes to their age divisions.

Parents don’t need to worry about their kids now playing up a year than they already are. The changes are in fact just the names of the groups which will start with the 2020-21 seasons.

The change is coming after the term ‘midget’ has come under fire for its use in youth hockey and other sports in recent years. The term has been used to denominate the under-18 age category in the Canadian game, but the word is considered a derogatory slur.

Now, names like tyke, novice, atom, peewee, bantam, as well as midget will be replaced with U7 through to U21.

For many it is a question of why change? In a case like this, ‘midget’ was not being used as a derogatory term towards somebody but was a category for a division. For others, they see it as a positive to help to align with other IIHF nations as well as make simpler for new parents signing their kids up.

“We believe everyone should feel welcome in the game,” Michael Brind’Amour, chair of the Hockey Canada Board of Directors, said in a statement. He would also mention that the change will “simplify the system for families who may be new to the game.”

This will ensure that the game remains open to people of all backgrounds, which is always a worthwhile thing to do. The change is similar to what the Ontario basketball system has done, after the mother of a young son with dwarfism voiced concern over the term last year.