Last Friday night, during a high school football game, gunfire rang out forcing the game to be halted.

The playoff game was taking place in New Jersey between Pleasantville and Camden when a man started firing in the crowded bleachers, injuring three people, including a 10-year old boy and a 15-year old student. Since the suspension of the game, the two teams have been searching for a neutral field to finish the game.

In steps the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL team has offered the two schools the Lincoln Stadium to complete the game. NBC Philadelphia reports that both schools would be provided with “a defined number of free passes for distribution to players’ parents and family members.” The general public will not be allowed into the stadium to watch the game.

The game remainder of the game will be livestreamed on

There will be one lineup change though as Pleasantville senior Ernest Howard Jr will change his number for the game, and the remainder of the season, to number 10 to honour the boy who was injured in the alleged targeted attack of another person.

Friday’s game was stopped with approximately 17 minutes left in regulation with Camden leading Pleasantville 6-0. The game is set to resume on Wednesday at 4PM.

Originally, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association announced that the game would resume at a neutral site but would be closed.

The Eagles are preparing to host the Seahawks on Sunday in a crucial home game. They could have probably used the extra time on their own field to prepare but they went beyond what they needed to and stepped up for the community.

Philadelphia Eagles fans can get a bad rap at times, but their football club has once again pulled out a classy move to show why the city of Philly is about brotherly love.