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Court Rules Loney Bowl To Be Played

It was third down and the Saint Mary’s Huskies needed a Hail Mary to keep their chances of heading to the Uteck Bowl and Vanier Cup alive.

On Sunday they seemingly made that Hail Mary pass as a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has ruled on the side of Saint Mary’s and granted the university an interim injunction, which allows the Loney Bowl to be reinstated.

The Huskies were originally disqualified by Atlantic University Sport (AUS) following concerns over player eligibility. This prevented Saint Mary’s from playing the Loney Bowl, the AUS football championship game, which was originally scheduled to play this past Saturday.

The player in question is Archelaus Jack, a wide receiver for the Huskies. Jack was previously on the practice roster for the Saskatchewan Roughriders but is now a student at Saint Mary’s University.

Four of the five universities in the AUS filed a complaint over Jack’s eligibility. That’s because a player affiliated with a pro team is supposed to wait 365 days from their release before playing at the university level. Jack played in five games prior to the one-year anniversary of his release. However, Saint Mary’s says they have a binding agreement with U Sports, who governs university sport in Canada, and allows Jack to play.

Following their disqualification, Saint Mary’s launched a motion to have the game reinstated with lawyers, coaches and players in court all weekend.

While AUS disagrees with the decision of the judge, they say the Loney Bowl will be played between Saint Mary’s and Acadia University on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 PM local time with the winner advancing to play the Western Mustangs, from Ontario, in the Uteck Bowl on Saturday. Jack will be eligible to play this week and could take the field during the upcoming game.

This is not the first time this season the Huskies have been investigated for fielding an ineligible player. Last month U Sports stripped the Huskies of one regular season win and one preseason win after determining an ineligible player had been on the roster for those games. Saint Mary’s was also fined by U Sports and placed on probation for 18 months.

In the last 17 years, the Huskies have played in the AUS finals 13 times, winning the title nine times. Meanwhile, Acadia has made eight appearances in the finals and has four AUS titles.

No matter who the winner is, it will be a tough task to heal up the bodies and turn it around for the Uteck Bowl which will be played just four days later.

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