If you do not remember, let us give you a refresher.

Leggio was playing for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers who were facing the Springfield Falcons. With the Falcons coming down on a 2-on-0, the goaltender knocked the net off its pegs. Okay, it was more like he threw it off, but it got the whistle from the ref.

That move would lead the AHL to put in the “Leggio rule” that prohibited goaltenders from intentionally dislodging the net during the game.

Back to the present day and Leggio is fine tuning his craft overseas in Germany with Muhich EHC. That means he can get away with his “signature move” now that he is no longer in the AHL.

Saturday, Leggio struck once again, this time when the Bremerhaven Fischtown Penguins were on a breakaway.

Once he pushed the net off and skated away, Leggio was as calm as could be. He barely even moved after knocking the net off and the puck was shot past him.

Leggio still had to deal with a breakaway though moments later as the player was awarded a penalty shot. For the goaltender, he got away with one as the penalty shot was missed.

The DEL doesn’t have a rule like the AHL does but it might be time that they and the International Ice Hockey Federation follow suit to implement the “Leggio rule” worldwide.

No matter what, it is a very cheap move, even though it is funny to see.

You know what they say, goalies are an odd breed.