Eugene Melnyk, the Sens owner, said this will be “the greatest outdoor game to date” but he also brought up the idea of moving his franchise while talking to the media on Friday.

The 58-year-old Melnyk is the sole owner, governor and chairman of the Senators and one of the top 100 wealthiest people in Canada.

He is vehemently denying rumours that he is looking to sell the team, a portion of it or even find investors in his team, which is struggling financially as well as on the ice.

There have been proposals to relocate the Senators from Canadian Tire Centre in Kanata, Ont., to a LeBreton Flats redevelopment downtown, but Melnyk is not convinced that’s the best option.

There are several potential locations that he could move the team to, including Seattle, Houston and Quebec City. All of which are interesting in having an NHL franchise in their city.

While he likely does not want to move the team, he has stated that he could if “you start not seeing crowds showing up.”

Prior to the season, Melnyk had 1500 seats at the Canadian Tire Centre tarped over to hopefully increase a demand in tickets with fewer seats available. However, that increase has not happened. In fact, the Senators sit in 29th place in the NHL, averaging 15,281 fans a home game which is approximately 81 percent of the arena. That puts them at the bottom of Canada’s teams.

The Sens owner doesn’t just sit in his luxurious private box at games contemplating moving the team. He will regularly purchase a ticket to sit in the 300 level to get the experience the everyday fan gets. What frustrates him the most of that experience is the arena parking, saying “What a hell to get out of that place.”

With everything going on at the outdoor game to help celebration the league’s 100th birthday the talk of the potential move puts a slight chill on the game. But there will be a bigger chill with Mother Nature giving Ottawa a minus-12 temperature at game time without even factoring the wind chill.

Unless things change in the next few months the chatter will pick up about the team moving. Any of the previously mentioned cities in this article will surely be ready to make a pitch to Melnyk why he should move the team there.