During the Arizona Coyotes-Carolina Hurricanes game, the Coyotes Alex Goligoski dumped the puck in along the boards from centre ice which saw Cam Ward come out of his net to stop it behind the net.

What happens next is bizarre.

Ward loses sight of the puck and scrambles to get back into his crease and goes down to make a potential save. However, the puck had disappeared, and the ref blew the play down.

The officials would review the play because the puck had become lodged in Ward’s right skate which crossed the goal line prior to the play being blown dead. Upon review, the goal was deemed good, putting the Coyotes on the board.

I am shocked that they did not review for two other reasons though. How was it not goaltender interference? The puck clearly interfered with the goalie from making a play on it. Also, would that not have been a distinct kicking motion to put that the puck in the net?

Of course, there is the obvious question. Why didn’t the ref blow the play down sooner after losing sight of the puck? To bad that part of the play is not reviewable.

Hopefully a play like this never decides a team making or not making the playoffs as well as a deciding Stanley Cup winning goal.